The first line of defense for property owners is to have a regular inspection by a qualified professional.


In addition to regular inspections, property owners can do the following:

  • Pull mulch back several inches from the structure.
    Never let mulch or ground covers such as gravel or black plastic touch the structure.
    Siding should not be in contact with soil.
  • Plant or prune shrubs near the structure to allow space and airflow between the plants and the structure.
  • Never stack firewood against the side of any structure.
    Termites are living creatures that live below the grounds surface.
    Stack firewood on concrete blocks away from the structure so that inspection can be performed.
  • Do not provide sources of moisture.
    Check for leaking faucets and dripping air conditioners.
    Check downspouts to ensure that water drains away from the structure.
    Excessive moisture around foundation can lead to termite problems.
  • Walk around the structure to find any small openings.
    Caulk and seal as needed.

Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.